African Literary Magazines

We present to you, African Literary Magazines, the directory you’ve been searching for. A needed haven for writers, artists, and creative people of African descent, African Literary Magazines provides you information about literary organizations that cater to your works.

We know how hard it is to start magazine shopping after completing your work and being encumbered by the process. Our goal at The Single Story Foundation is to provide you with the resources to tell your story efficiently. Hopefully, this directory will help in that regard.

Check out African Literary Magazines and find out about submission calls, research literary magazines, or just plain find out what’s going on in the African literary community.

And if you’re an editor of a literary magazine or simply work at one, go check and submit your organization to the directory if you can’t find your organization’s name on it. Also, send calls for submission through African Literary Magazines’ contact form so they can be published.