Feature Screenwriting Course

What's Your Story

Do you have an innovative movie idea but question whether you have the ability to get it into accepted screenplay format? Would you like to receive feedback from both your professional instructor and fellow student, while learning to writing your 120 page original screenplay?

It is no secret that the quality of a screenplay determines the quality of the movie. You can make a bad movie with a good screenplay but you can never make a good movie from a bad screenplay. Screenplays are the heart and structural backbone of film productions.

Look no further. Our course is interactive and involves participation. It is also a mix of both online medium and traditional classroom setting. We would allow you to work independently or as a group, as your learning style might indicate. You will also have the opportunity to work with fellow student to complete a finished film, from screenwriting to film-making. This will provide you with the experience of learning each step of film-making and how screenwriting plays a role in the process. You will also learn how to pitch your screenplays to professionals. All these is done to ensure that you can transition properly into your career as a professional screenwriter.