Who We Are

The Single Story Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides storytelling opportunities for Africans at home and in diaspora. The Single Story Foundation challenges the Western narratives and seeks for change in the way the African narrative is told. We do this by fostering an environment where young Africans can promote their technological, creative, educational, and imaginative achievements or developments. We seek to change stereotypes through visual art, literature, and performing art. At The Single Story Foundation, we believe that storytelling is one of the ways we can fix the damage caused by Western storytelling.

Mission Statement: create awareness, drive education, advocate for the realistic storytelling about Africa and prevent future stereotypes.

Company Goals and Objectives: enhance the overall image of the African continent and its people. The declared purpose of The Single Story Foundation is to help tell Africa’s story in a truthful, realistic presentation. The Foundation aims to drive the following:

  • Understanding of current, perceptions, theories and stories of Africa
  • Taking control and driving discussion of the African narrative
  • Educating the public about the diverse African stories
  • Advocating for a politically correct depiction of Africa in Hollywood.
  • Distributing stories written about Africa and written by writers of African descent
  • Creating a network of writers, professionals, journalists, photographers and individuals dedicated to the realistic storytelling.

The Single Story Foundation works in three ways:
Awareness: from time to time, we will kick off awareness campaigns to show diverse Africans in their individual habitats or to promote whatever creative journey we might have undertaken.
De-education and Education: The Single Story Foundation organizes American and European college tours to drive discussion through symposium and panels, to showcase movies or documentaries projects the Foundation currently undertakes, to promote  other visual storytelling projects, and to support writers of African descent through book readings and book signing.