TSSF Leadership

Murewa Olubela
Murewa is a storyteller. She fully extols the virtue of storytelling in changing stereotypes and forging tomorrow's history. Extending her COM II social good project, she founded the Foundation in 2013 to combat the many sterotypes she saw as a Nigerian living in America.
Baruch Apata
Development and Advertising
Baruch is a regular creative with wild ideas, and passion for movies, music, advertising, literature and smart conversations. He forges new relationships for the Foundation. He's also the guy to talk to about advertising in TSSF Magazine.
Toyese Oyewole
Finance and Administration
An MBA degree holder from Clark Atlanta University, Toyese is a financial analyst. She implements the infrastructure needed to support our substantial growth over the next five to 10 years.
Esther Bernards
Regional Programs and Operations
Esther organizes and makes provisions for our local and national programs. She coordinates the several programs run by the Foundation.
Olutimehin Adegbeye
When she isn't stories online, Timehin is busy advocating for change online and offline. You can always catch her fighting for the rights of others.
Tiah Beautement
TSSF Journal, Managing Editor
Tiah reads submissions for and runs TSSF Journal, one of our publications. She manages the editorial team and